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“Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire.”

Heroes of My Faith

Heroes of My Faith

I am concerned that we are replacing the old-fashioned preaching of the Gospel with drama presentations, music programs or watered-down teaching. Preaching is God's chosen method for proclaiming the Truth of the Bible. 

My life was changed by the preaching of the Gospel! The night I was saved, there was preaching. There was preaching the day I consecrated my life to Christ. It was in a preaching service when God burdened my heart to work in the bus ministry. The day I surrendered to preaching the Gospel, there was preaching. My decision to go to Bible college came during a preaching service. Every major decision of my life happened during a preaching service!

This section of our website is dedicated to the preaching of men of God who influenced my life personally. These men of God and their powerful messages lit a fire in my soul that still burns today! It is my prayer that these messages will set your heart on fire as well! They truly are "Heroes of My Faith!"

This page is a work in progress. Check back often as we add more preachers and their sermons. 


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Dr. Joe M. Boyd

Dr. Joe M. Boyd was a local church evangelist with a ministry that spanned 65 years!

His ministry focused on getting sinners saved and baptized, the saved busy for God, and churches focused on souls. His passion was revival. He would rather preach a revival in a small church than preach in a big-name conference. 

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Dr. Thomas Duff

"Brother Duff," as he was known to his church members, was the pastor of the Troy Baptist Temple in Troy, Ohio from 1954 to 1987. He was MY pastor. I grew up at the Troy Baptist Temple. It was under his ministry that I began to serve the Lord. His personal investment in my life changed me forever. 

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Dr. Jack Hyles

Dr. Hyles was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana and president of Hyles Anderson College. He focused his ministry on soulwinning and church building. He was used of God to stir pastors and their people to personal soulwinning.