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Hot Off the Press!!!


The revised edition of our book, “Setting Sail for Church Growth,” is off the press and is available for purchase in our online bookstore. This book is the manual used during our “Setting Sail for Church Growth Conferences.” It contains 130 pages of material to better equip your Sunday School teachers, Children’s Church & Bus Ministry workers. Sections include:

  • Charting the Course

  • Enlisting & Equipping the Crew

  • Loading the Passengers

  • Setting Sail

  • The Captain’s Log

  • Ship Security

  • Fifteen different forms are included to help your ministry run more efficiently and to assist you in follow-up and discipleship.

Setting Sail for Church Growth Conferences

One of the main emphasis’ of our ministry is training church members and church staff for the work of the ministry. “Setting Sail for Church Growth Conferences” are practical, hands-on training, born out of a lifetime of experience in churches of every size. These Biblical methods have been used in rural churches, urban churches, on the mission field, and in every other imaginable setting. We conducted one of these conferences in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania in October and will be conducting another one in Morley, Michigan on January 18-19, 2019 at First Baptist Church. These meetings can be a Friday & Saturday meeting or expanded to a Monday-Friday meeting with bus visiting and soulwinning on Saturday to prepare for a Big Day on Sunday. We are scheduling conferences for 2019 and have many dates available. Contact us today!

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Douglas Brandenburg