Pulpit Aflame Ministries
“Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire.”




Preacing is...

  • God's chosen method to disseminate truth
  • Pleases God
  • Truth, Set on Fire
  • Dr. Brandenburg's Passion!
  • Preaching is clearing off a spot and pitching a fit for Jesus!" Clarence Sexton

  • “We need porcupine preachers so that people will get the point.” Lester Roloff

Dr. Brandenburg has been preaching since 1975 and it is the passion of his life. He has preached in over 35 states and many foreign countries. His preaching ministry has included local church pulpits, tent revivals, summer and winter camps, youth rallies, youth revivals, Christian school revivals, Bible college chapels, vacation Bible schools, jail and prisons, street corners, and open air meetings.

Dr. Brandenburg's preaching is known to be packed with Scripture, practical in its application and delivered with sincerity and passion. You will be taught, challenged, and encouraged by his messages.

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